Jacques Burger bid farewell to professional rugby today after Saracen’s game against Newcastle.

In a poignant farewell message, Jacques bid farewell to the world of professionally rugby, which he has graced for many years.

He has played at 3 World Cups for Namibia and been a stalwart of the successful Saracens side that won the Aviva Premiership in 2010–11 and 2014–15.

His fearlessness and dedication to the art of tackling is etched on his face after years of putting everything on the line for club and country.

In his farewell message on Twitter he stated that “I loved playing the game of rugby, I am blessed to have done so at a high level.”

Burger sums up so much of what is great about rugby.  “What I love about this game is that there is no hiding.  To play it you need to be brave, sometimes a bit brutal, but when you walk off you shake hands and act like kids again.”

He also stresses the bonds of friendship that rugby brings; “the thing I;m most grateful for, is the friends I’ve made being on this journey…  That first cold beer after you put in a shift together is the best feeling around”

We understand that Jacques will return to Namibia and work the land but we hope that he will continue to be involved in rugby as Namibia’s most high profile player. I’m sure there’s as place for him as a pundit – Maybe for 5Live – if ever there was a face for radio…

Here’s his recent farewell video for Saracen’s TV

This video shows some of Jacques’ insight into being a damn effective openside