Scottish Rugby has claimed it will fully implement recommendations made by the former solicitor general following her review into its business practice, but has refused to outline her proposals in detail.

Lesley Thomson QC, who is a member of the Scottish Rugby board, was asked to conduct the review after the organisation was severely criticised by the industrial tribunal which found in favour of its director of communications Keith Russell earlier this year.

Russell, who is also the father of Scotland stand-off Finn, had described Scottish Rugby as suffering from a “toxic” culture after the judge hearing his industrial tribunal had described his dismissal as “both procedurally and substantively unfair”.

However, in issuing a joint statement on behalf of the organisation’s board and council its chairman, Colin Grassie, struck a very tone to the way he had expressed himself at last month’s annual general meeting when he admitted that the tribunal findings represented “a low moment for Scottish Rugby,” and declared that “we are not proud of this episode.”

While there have been calls for major changes to the way Scottish Rugby does business, Grassie said yesterday that they “recognised that improvements needed to be made, but indicated that implementing will be little more than business as usual, saying: “I want to reassure our members, and fans of the Scottish game that we remain committed to our values and will continue to work hard to ensure we maintain the standards they expect.

“Following a long and thorough exercise the Board remain clear about its role and having absorbed and acted upon lessons learned, will now move on.

“The Board and Council reiterates its earlier position and the pride it has in the positive culture within Scottish Rugby.”