Two Australian women’s rugby union stars were overcome with emotion as they belted out the national anthem before defeating the Fijian women’s side 36-19 in an international fixture which got off to a hilarious start. 

The Wallaroos were seen passionately singing the national anthem at Suncorp Stadium just before their first ‘road to New Zealand’ World Cup preparation game on Friday night.

Wallaroos forward Madison Schuck was pictured crying while no.8 Grace Hamilton was also seen with tears in her eyes.

Madison Schuck sheds a tear while belting out the Australian national anthem in the Wallaroos Test match against Fijiana

As soon as she was done with their rendition of Advance Australia Fair, Schuck could be seen having a good-natured laugh at her own expense with her teammates.  

There was some comical drama seconds later when referee Amber McLachlan was seen pointing at the number of players on the field for the Fijian side, counting up to 16 and saying, ‘You’ve got one too many.’

Fijiana substitute Ebony Satala was forced to return to the bench in order to get the game underway with the correct number of footballers. 

Stan commentators were quick to satirise the moment.

‘Fijiana trying to get some ascendancy early,’ said former Wallaby Tim Horan on Nine’s broadcast.

‘You’ll have to cool your jets for a bit, Ebony,’ broadcaster Andrew Swain added. 

Former Wallabies back Drew Mitchell tweeted, ‘What’s doing? That’s one way to get an advantage!’

The Wallaroos began their pre-World Cup campaign in style, scoring six tries in a performance that showed they weren’t rusty despite ending a staggering 956-day Test drought, after last playing in 2019.

Grace Hamilton is pictured shrugging off a Fijiana defender in the Wallaroos’ 36-19 victory at Suncorp Stadium on Friday night

Captain Shannon Parry said the anthem brought out plenty of passion.

‘When you are in that line of green and gold, you feel the tingling and the emotion,’ she told Stan Sport.

The Wallaroos continue their campaign against the Japanese Sakura women’s side on May 10 at Queensland’s Bond University.

The two friendly Test matches are vital for the Wallaroos World Cup campaign, which kicks off in New Zealand on October 8.  

Australia’s women’s rugby union stars BREAK DOWN during national anthem

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